Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend


Yes, it’s that time again. Valentines day is upon us. For some people this can be one of the worst times of the year as the overall feeling of being single is doubled then tripled with all of the cute couples posting their love letters across every social platform possible. On the other hand for others’s its a time to celebrate extra hard with their special love, whether that be with a romantic meal or with a trip away to somewhere that has emotional attachment. For this post I’m going to be giving you some valentines day gift ideas for your girlfriend. Ranging from some more intimate gifts to some pampering bits, I hope their is something on this list that works for someone.

Scrumpies of Mayfair


Scrumpies of Mayfair is a luxury underwear company based in Mayfair, London. I’ve previously worked with Scrumpies of Mayfair on their Christmas campaign and can honestly say the quality of the product is second to none. I’ve never seen both packaging and product be of such a high standard. The box comes with the pair of knickers as well as a special charm that differs for each pair of knickers sold on the site. With this Red Devil G-String Thong being a valentines day special, the thong is a perfect intimate gift for those wanting to spice up their valentines day. The old saying business in the front, party in the back rings true with this pair of knickers which houses a red devil tail at the back making it that extra bit raunchy. I think buying your partner some underwear any time of year is great but at valentines day I think it’s particularly fun. If you want to have a closer look at some of their fantastic products then click the link here now!


Now onto some body care. This gift set from Bramley┬áis possibly one of the nicest designed sets I’ve seen for a while. They partnered up with acclaimed fabric designer Molly Mahon to create a design which reflects their countryside collection and I think it fits the theme perfectly. The set includes all the products that your girlfriend could want including shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath and body lotion. With the influence of each product from a different natural ingredient found in the British countryside, the natural oils used really bring the theme to life. Also, as seen in the photo above is the Lip Fudge from Tropic, a plumping lip conditioner that uses over 26 different plant extracts to help nourish your lips. I needed a new lip moisturiser and with my goal of using more natural skincare products, Ive been so pleased with the results. Especially with it being winter a lip moisturiser is key to keeping your lips nice and hydrated.


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