Female Bloggers That Inspire My Style & Work

Female Bloggers That Inspire My Style & Work


For so long I’ve been influenced by females in any capacity of entertainment whether that be film, music, sports. They embodied for me that underdog spirit that as a young gay man I could relate to whole heartedly. Growing up and seeing the white straight man dominant every industry that I wanted to plant my feet in to was kind of scary. It was scary in the sense that everywhere I turned for that gay film star or gay pop star I was met with a resounding frown from my peers. Yes, this was back when society was a lot harder on the LGBTQ community but it left a lasting affect on me. From this like a lot of the LGBTQ community we turned to those strong, powerful, sexual females that shown a side of them we could either relate to or want to showcase ourselves. Whether that was 13 year old me finding solace in Beyoncé, or 11 year old me who was obsessed with the female wrestlers (in a different way to my male friends). It’s going against the societal norm, it’s fighting a continuous up hill battle to prove themselves in varying industries, it’s to show that they’re equal in every sense.

That may be quite a deep introduction to this blog post however I just want to emphasise how much influence women have had within many parts of my life. Now as a 20 year old final year student who’s been through many style revolutions I wanted to highlight some of the incredible female bloggers that I follow, respect and are influenced by every single day.

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When I started this blog around 8 months ago the very first blogger I stumbled upon was Em Sheldon over at emtalks.com. Em was the first blogger I properly engaged with in the major social platforms, always taking the time to read her posts and listening to her style tips. As a fellow northerner, I think hearing that familiar accent and friendly tone made this huge blogging world seem that little bit more smaller. That’s what I love about her work, it’s so personal and relatable, even as a 20 year old boy. Her style is a mixture of luxury and affordable, with her blog giving me endless amounts of inspiration for content. I’d like to think Em kick started my love of blogging. So I’m endlessly thankful for her!  Her Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/emshelx/ if you’d like to have a little peek at her insane style and travels.


I’d say the first style Youtuber I begin to regulary engage with their content would be Lydia Elise Millen over at lydiaelisemillen.com. Lydia struck me straight away with this incredibly strong aura which I could sense even through my phone. The incredible honesty within her work, her confidence within the content she created and her sheer passion of fashion made me fall in love with her channel. What I love the most from the luxury hauls to the daily vlogs with her cats (I kinda need a cat now) is the overall theme of self-worth that seeps from her content. Whether that’s understanding that simply yes you are worth that Gucci bag or deeper things such as understanding to never settle in any part of your life if you’re not happy. I’ve definitely translated certain aspects of Lydia’s style into mine, whether that’s adding a certain item to your outfit to make it that extra bit better or the way she chooses to pair her items. Lydia’s Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/lydiaemillen/.


Victoria over at inthefrow.com, Beth over at bethsandland.co.uk, Lauren over at lpblack.com and Shelley over at shelleymorecroft.co.uk all inspire me in different ways. Victoria is from the north and like Em just seem like such a boss in every capacity that her brand touches. Her latest film noir post may very well be my favourite photo set for a blog post, just stunning. Lauren’s style is one of my favourites of any female blogger, the way she can effortlessly blend street and sophisticated style to create her own personal brand is insane. Lauren’s very daring from the content she covers to the locations she chooses to shoot her content at. With Beth, it just seems like every single detail she covers is thought about and polished off. Every social post, blog post and image seems so carefully personal it’s literally like you’re her best friend reading her diary. I love that it’s so personal and truthful. Talking about subjects such as periods and sex has been a taboo subject around the ever so angelic blogging world. However, Beth is so truthful in the content she creates around subjects like sex that it’s informative and above all real. What I love about Shelley’s social and blog is that it’s like you’re following her 24/7 with nearly 2/3 posts a day detailing what she’s eating, the outfits she’s wearing and the places she’s visiting. It’s almost like she has her own reality show that I’m utterly obsessed with but a lot more glamorous.

Although, I’m heavily influenced by some great male bloggers such as Ali Gordon, Joey London and Joel (or most commonly known as Gallucks). I wanted to share some of my favourite female bloggers this time and hopefully give you guys some recommendations on any lady bosses.

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  1. February 13, 2018 / 7:09 pm

    Victoria is the absolute boss lady! She is so professional and inspiring! Her latest photoshoot is indeed one of the best so far.


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