My Current Favourites: January 2018

My Current Favourites: January 2018


Hey Guys! I hope January has been treating you well. To be really honest this month has felt like possibly the longest month ever. Like seriously, next week is still January… What are you playing at world? However, what I’ve been absoutley dying to tell you guys about are my current favourites from this month. Including pieces of clothing, brands, accessories, shavers. All of it! I just wanted to give you a brief look at some of my favourite things at the moment with no specific label on what to cover.  One of them being Panasonic’s new 3-Blade Shaver, easily one of my current favourite shavers with Panasonic being a brand I’ve used and my dad has for many years.

Burton Menswear Jumper

Kronaby Sweden Rose Gold


Kronaby Sweden are a luxury watch brand based in you guessed it Sweden. As you can see from the photo above even though the photo isn’t close up, the watch absoutley stands out and even in my opinion makes the look! The watch is a ‘smart’ watch and can link to their very own app which allows for incredible features such as allowing notifications from your phone to show up on your watch, enables calls to be passed on to your phone and even has a built in fitness counter. Although the watches price may be a bit steeper than you imagined, with the one I’m wearing retailing for around £535, I do believe it’s worth the price.

Sunglasses Shop Rayban

Current Favourites: Boohoo MAN


I love the Sunglasses Shop first and foremost. The website includes some of the best luxury sunglasses brands at such a better price than usual. With Raybans retailing for around £60 sometimes instead of the usual £100+ price a pair of Raybans can cost you. As you can see form the photos above, the glasses bring out my boujee side and make me feel like a millionaire. Which I guess in the grand scheme of things is what you want to feel like when you’re wearing a pair of luxury sunglasses.



Yes, I’m currently obsessed with the BoohooMAN premium range. I think I literally have almost all the collection they have currently released because It’s just so nice and at an affordable price. This borg lined jacket I think may be my favourite one I’ve gotten so far. It’s super chic yet reasonable for the cold weather as it’s quite a warm jacket. However, as it’s not too bulky you can wear a few layers underneath it and not feel like you’re the Michelin man. If you want to shop the jacket, BoohooMAN always have sales on so keep your eye out and click here to have a little look!



One of my new favourite finds of the year is the male grooming subscription service Toppbox. I’ve seen so many female bloggers show off and unbox similar subscription boxes such as the Birch box and I’ve always thought wouldn’t it be great if they would create one revolving around male grooming. Here we are. Toppbox is beyond it’s worth of money. At £19 a month for a box of 4-5 grooming products, one product within the box could actually cost £19 off the shelf if it wasn’t purchased within the Toppbox. In my box I found one of my new favourite facial washes from Hawkins and Brimble, which is possibly the best facial wash I’ve ever used.  Click here to order your own box now and see what is inside next months!

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